Benefits of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

November 20, 2023
We Asked Our Expert Project7 Bookkeepers To Lend Us Their Expertise This Month For Our ‘P7’S Monthly 7’ And Tell Us Seven Reasons Why You Should Be Hiring A Virtual Bookkeeper Now To Help Change Your Business For The Better.

As a business owner, you’re constantly getting pulled this way and that with the never-ending pile of to-do lists. You’re growing your empire, managing teams, suppliers and customers, as well as all the paperwork and nitty-gritty admin you dread.

Hiring a virtual bookkeeper is one of the best ways to reduce your daily stress. This may be common knowledge, but is it common practice? We asked our expert Project Seven bookkeepers to lend us their expertise this month for our ‘P7’s Monthly 7’ and tell us seven reasons why you should be hiring a virtual bookkeeper now to help change your business for the better.

You went into business to do what you love or what makes you money. Your time is money, and we all know there is only so much one person can do. Nevertheless, did you start your business because you are passionate about paperwork and administration? Probably not. Therefore, if you are currently trying to ‘do it all,’ think about how your time could be better spent on the growth of your business by choosing a virtual bookkeeper.

Instead of slaving over your bookkeeping, with our help, you could concentrate on your business's core – increasing sales, processing tasks, overseeing job quality, and keeping your customers happy. The real question is, what will be the cost of not hiring Project Seven as your virtual bookkeeping service?

Your accounting information needs to be kept safe and easily accessible from anywhere when you need it in a hurry. However, if you are trying to do it yourself, you may have let slip some of those safety measures and ease of accessibility. When hiring a P7 bookkeeper, you get instant access to leading bookkeeping software, strategies and best practices.

We operate on a completely online interface, which helps streamline processes and handle everything efficiently while allowing you access to your data anytime and anywhere. The benefit of this is that all the information you need for your business will be ready for you to use as the need arises. Your centralised information is organised, anyone you choose can view or alter it, and you have a more accurate picture of your business's finances, which is a significant plus in reporting.

All the big businesses have dedicated bookkeepers and admin support staff - when they get big enough. But it’s the best business hack to have that support with you from day one. By hiring a P7 bookkeeper, you will actually save up to 50 percent of the costs of hiring an employee. There is no need for training costs, holiday pay, sick leave, maternity leave, PAYE or ACC. You also won’t need to supply us with office space, supplies or equipment; we already have it all, and you simply pay us for the hours we work. Simple.

Project Seven can give you a flexible service level agreement that can change as your business grows or in the event of a recession. It means you can scale our hours up or down without interruption. Depending on the volume of work, we can present you with a payment option that best fits your requirements. During the peak season, you can scale up the work we do for you and, when the workflow is slow, our services can be slimmed down.

Our job is to ensure everything is accurate; that is where our maximum focus lies. How nice would it be never having to worry that you are doing something wrong or fear the need to go back and fix a reconciliation error from months before?

Hiring a P7 bookkeeper allows you access to a professional with a higher level of expertise at an affordable price. Our bookkeepers continuously improve their skills and qualifications to stay competitive in the market. You get maximum efficiency from the very first day.

You know that feeling when there are bookkeeping tasks to be completed and, if you could only find the time, you’d streamline your processes, and that would take a massive weight off your shoulders? With Project Seven, your jobs are invoiced then and there and followed up promptly. Better yet, if we see expenses on things that are not being used or jobs are more expensive than quoted, we point it out straightaway. Think of us as your personal waste management system for your bookkeeping. Our main goal is to help your business succeed, saving you time, money and energy. Our expert bookkeepers will streamline your business, get your bills and invoices sorted, and keep on top of your finances.

New Zealand business owners like us try to do everything themselves to cut costs and struggle to give up the reins. The problem you have is not necessarily that you don’t know what to do to stay accountable with your numbers. The problem is that you don’t do what you know. Isn't that true?

Giving our experts regular access to your information keeps you accountable for your numbers. If your business numbers are kept up to date regularly and are accurate and meaningful, it’s easier to stay on top of cash flow issues and spot any potential problems before they happen. If numbers aren’t accurate, it isn’t easy to have a clear view of how your business is tracking.

When you dreamed of running your own business, your brain probably ‘conveniently’ forgot about the bookkeeping side of things, and you focused on the exciting parts alone. With our virtual bookkeepers, everything should be good to go and ready for tax time with only a couple of clicks of a button. Accurate data and recording of financial information by one of our expert bookkeepers will reduce the costs associated with keeping your financial obligations up to date with your accountant. This will allow you to save money come year-end and get more value out of the relationship. 


Between managing employees, paying bills, and long-term decisions like analysing costs, there never seems to be enough time in the day to handle everything involved in making your business tick. It’s not your fault that it’s become unmanageable for you but, now that you know the truth, it is your responsibility for your business and your future.

The decision isn’t really whether or not to hire Project Seven today; it’s how much longer are you willing to tolerate the stress and mountains of paperwork. New results require new actions. If your goal is to grow your business and reduce your everyday stress, then it’s time to talk to Project Seven now!

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