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At Project Seven, we turn operational complexity into streamlined simplicity.  We’re not just about procedures and technology; we’re about creating a seamless, efficient workflow that propels your business forward.

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Our Ways of Working
We are all about setting you up for success from day one. Whether you need support with Bookkeeping, Social Media, or Admin and Operations - we aim to integrate with your business as smoothly as possible. 
Standard Operating Procedures Creation (Video + Written)
We bring clarity to your operations with our SOPs, available in both written and video formats. Our SOPs are more than instructions; they're blueprints for success, designed to be easily understood and implemented.
SOPs Review
Already have SOPs in place? Let us take a fresh look. We review and refine existing procedures, infusing them with new insights and strategies to enhance their effectiveness.
Efficiency Strategy
Our approach goes beyond the standard. We dive deep into your business processes to develop bespoke efficiency strategies that streamline operations and boost productivity.
Automations can transform the way you work. We recommend the best apps, and set up automations tailored to your specific business needs and provide comprehensive training to ensure you and your team can make the most of these powerful tools.

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