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Get the most out of your staff and your business with our Online Business Management service. By teaming up with one of our OBM's, you can streamline, organise and improve your processes so that your business can achieve faster turnarounds and accelerated growth.


  • Audit  of current programs + systems.
  • Optimization  + integration of systems and processes.
  • Facilitate  communications among all team members.
  • Manage  team workload and tasks.
  • Organize  and lead team meetings.
  • Writing Company SOP's.
  • Compliance Paperwork.

Why Choose
This Service

online business manager

Sometimes business accelerate much too quickly and there is simply not enough time between the growth spurts to put necessary processes and systems in place. Our Online Business Management services help solve this problem with simple and easy to use solutions that are tailored to your unique business needs.

Our OBM's are highly skilled at setting un and maintaining these systems and procedures that keep you business safe and running smoothly. This kind of support also help you to scale and grow your business by enabling you to operate at a higher and more organised capacity.

You Can Tailor
This Service To
Your Needs

online business manager

You are able to assign time to specific higher priority tasks so that your unique business support needs are optimally met. We understand that every business and business model is unique with it's own challenges, which is why we encourage you to consult with us so that we can understand these challenges and offer support where it is most needed.

The best way to get the most out of business support from Project Seven is to book a consultation with us so that we can get to know you and your business.

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