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Here at Project Seven, we turn everyday admin tasks into opportunities for brilliance. With us your work isn’t just a task—it’s a chance to shine. Our dedicated team pours heart and energy into ensuring your business runs like clockwork. 

Discover a place where your efficiency soars to new heights and operational excellence is just the beginning.
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Partner with us and embrace the ease of flexibility. Let us take care of the details while you navigate your business to success. Make a choice today that your future self will appreciate and step towards a smoother, thriving business with us by your side.

How We Can Help:
If you don’t see something explicitly stated, check in with us – there’s not much we can’t do!
Email Management
We turn your overflowing inbox into a haven of organisation. Expect timely, professional responses and a system so efficient, that you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.
Document Organisation & Maintenance
From sorting to updating, we handle your documents with utmost care and precision, ensuring they are always in tip-top shape and easy to find.
Consider us the conductors of your online business orchestra, ensuring every aspect from the website to digital tools plays in perfect harmony.
Google Admin
Navigating the Google suite like seasoned explorers, we manage your Google Admin tasks with expertise and ease.
Responding to Google Ratings
We ensure your business shines online by professionally responding to Google ratings, enhancing your digital reputation.
Customer Onboarding
Our team makes every new customer feel like a VIP. We streamline the onboarding process, making it smooth, welcoming, and impressively efficient.
We gather and showcase the glowing words of your clients, helping to build trust and showcase your business's impact.
Fielding Customer Inquiries
No question goes unanswered. We handle customer inquiries with a blend of warmth, professionalism, and timely responses.
Scheduling Appointments
Consider your calendar expertly managed. We schedule appointments with an eye for detail and a flair for organisation.
Answering Calls
Your phone line becomes a lifeline of exceptional service. We answer calls in your business's voice, ensuring every caller feels heard and helped.
Assisting Your Team
We're the extra pair of hands (or ten!) your team didn't know they needed. From small tasks to large projects, we're here to assist and elevate your team's performance.

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